The many perks of having a student ID card

February 6, 2013
Credit Cards

One of the best perks of being a student is the fact that you can use your student ID in order to get discounts and free stuff from different places. You only have several years to use your student ID, so you want to make sure that take advantage of everything you can. Outside of free McFlurrys and discounts on burritos at Barburrito, there are …Read More

Town centres must embrace technology to survive

January 24, 2013

A report from the research group Experian has said that town centres are going to have to market themselves as a convenient hub for collection goods ordered online if they want to thrive over the next decade. Retailers are going to have to accept the fact that more people are shopping online and adopt a ‘if you can’t beat em’ join em’ attitude, whilst also …Read More

Supermarket wine scams to watch out for

October 6, 2012

As if shopping in a recession wasn’t tough enough, consumers also have to deal with what is known as ‘product shrinkage’, which effectively means that packages are reduced in size to hide the fact that you are paying more for what is inside. This is not an option with wine however, as the standard bottle in750ml, but it’s a fact that you don’t get for …Read More

The problems facing mums who want to do a weekly shop

September 23, 2012

Recent research of consumers in the UK has shown that most mothers who attempt to only shop for groceries once a week are finding it impossible to do so. It is thought that unannounced guests, hectic schedules, and hungry children are many of the problems that mother’s face when trying to limit their grocery shopping to once a week. The research also revealed that there …Read More

Roof racks are a great way of adding extra storage to a vehicle

May 22, 2012

There are many different roof racks for cars on the market and one of the best that you can buy is from the range by Rhino roof racks. These roof racks are known for their excellent build quality as well as being able to support a greater weight than many other racks. The entire range has a great many sizes and shapes so that they …Read More

Indonesia goes online to fuse shopping and culture

May 20, 2012

Indonesia has joined the parade of countries and cultures going online and global with interconnected sites for shopping and a host of other uses. The partnership between Fimela and Octovate was created just three months ago and already it has attracted over 170 big name brands to the new site called FimelaShop. got started in December 2010 as a website specifically dedicated to Indonesian …Read More

A trip to Cadbury World is a must for all chocolate lovers

May 8, 2012

For those who enjoy chocolate, heading to Cadbury World in Birmingham is going to be a fantastic experience. It is not just an experience for children however, and is a fantastic destination for families. Inside the attraction there are 14 individual zones, each with their own area telling you something about the company. It is possible right now to save 20 percent off the entry …Read More

Shopping for perfume and so much more

February 28, 2012

It is no secret that more of us than ever are shopping online. Convenience, choice and value are the top reasons given in many surveys. This makes perfect sense as there is no trawling around shops looking for something in a specific size and coming home exhausted and empty handed. Sitting on the sofa with a coffee and a laptop is how many describe the …Read More

Regent Street raises Union flags to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012

February 2, 2012

The breathtaking display of Union flags will be returning to London’s Regent Street as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. They will be up from Monday 28th May-Friday 8th June. The enormous flags were massively popular when they were displayed to last April for the Royal Wedding between William and Kate. Popular with both Londoners and tourists from both theUKand abroad, the …Read More

Bikes for an Adventurous Family Holiday

November 10, 2011

Why not enjoy a family holiday with a twist Instead of being herded into long queues for rides and confectionary stands in theme parks and the likes, consider a more adventurous holiday that adds exploration and discovery to your time away. In the UK alone there are many national parks and private resorts that offer camping and biking holidays where families can enjoy the great …Read More